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In 2008, we started with design, R&D, Product Development and Manufacturing for US brand customers.


In 2010, GROUNDED is created and since then, we has been distributing our brand globally. All product design and development is done with strict control by the company, from material selection, QC, manufacturing and packaging.


GROUNDED has been participating in exhibitions, including Singapore, Japan, Germany (Europe) and Brazil.

Within 3 years of establishment, our brand has gain good reputation in Europe and Asia!


Current product includes GROUNDED Brand - performance wristbands, performance necklace, stainless steel bracelet and Performance Watches! Please visit our website at www.groundedintl.com for more product information.


All Grounded products are embedded with GROUNDED performance chip, which helps tune oneself to harmonized mind, body and spirit. Hence overall performance level with no age limit. Grounded products are able to sell by itself, with loyal customers being our best reference to their friends and family members.


GROUNDED – It’s a lifestyle! Being able to enhance the taste of red wine too! GROUNDED create another talking point within the lifestyle market.


With our company proprietary processes, all Grounded chips are treated with highly controlled multiple processes to ensure all end products received the same quality control throughout the whole process.


We would like to invite you to join our team, be our partner or distributor. We provide business opportunity as below;


-                      Exclusive country distributor or distributor

-                      Licensing - embedded Grounded to your product / brand

-                      Licensing using GROUNDED brand as your brand product if you are a manufacturer

-                      Co-branding with Grounded products

-                      Or simply be our reseller in your area

If you are interested to represent GROUNDED Brand in your country. Or Licensing / OEM / ODM your own branding.

Please email us at : sales@groundedintl.com

For Wholesaler & Retailers, you can request to open a direct account with us for direct online ordering at discounted rate!  

For individual entrepreneur, we can help you to start-up your business with our business program!