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About Us


GROUNDED BRAND - It's a Lifestyle!

Trademark Owner and Manufacturer of GROUNDED range of products globally. Founded by Pris & Matthew Lam with International Head Office located in Singapore.


Grounded promotes positive emotions, positive thinking and positive attitudes towards life! We are committed to bringing to the world a better Lifestyle!


Our core business is marketing, distribution, wholesale and retailing of apparel, accessories, eyewear, and hardgoods in the clothing, footwear and fashion sector under the Grounded and Grounded Lifestyle brands.


Grounded values remain consistent with its foundation objectives, which include a commitment to brand protection and enhancement, the manufacture of design-relevant and functional products, marketing in the core channels, the professional development of staff and ongoing customer service and relationships.


The Company's brands are marketed and promoted internationally through association with high profile celebrities, professional athletes, junior athletes, and events.



About Grounded

Founded in 2010, Grounded™ is the leader in the apparel industry as it relates to incorporating Technology into clothing, headwear, footwear, eyewear, accessories and gear.

Being GROUNDED rejuvenate one’s mind and body; allowing Chi to flow naturally and minimizes the negative interference around us. It opens up oneself to tap into the universal energy, making one’s presence powerful and engage in nature healing; where tension levels drop; peace and serenity enter; healing eventually takes place.

 In Traditional Chinese culture, ‘Chi’ is an invisible force that flows through the body. When Chi becomes disturbed, blocked, stagnant, imbalanced or depleted, illness begins to take form.

The 'Chi' we receive daily varies in frequency. When we are not grounded, it limits the positive

frequencies we could receive even though its presence has always been in the same space as life forms.

GROUNDED products are designed to harmonize our mind, body, and spirit. With an authentic secured GROUNDED Charged Hologram and / Charged Minerals that helps to regulate our body to an optimal level; translates into higher throughput and efficiency, allowing one to operate with an overall greater sense of well-being.




The company maintains strategic partnerships with significant contributors to the technology-driven garment industry. For more information regarding licensing, distribution or Grounded Lifestyle Brand.

Inquiries may be directed to  sales@groundedintl.com

All Grounded products are embedded with GROUNDED performance chip, which helps tune oneself to harmonized mind, body and spirit. Hence overall performance level with no limit. Grounded products are able to sell by itself, with loyal customers being our best reference to their friends and family members.

GROUNDED - It's a lifestyle being able to enhance the taste of red wine too! Creating another talking point within the lifestyle community.

With our company proprietary processes, all Grounded chips are treated with highly controlled multiple processes to ensure all end products received the same quality control throughout the whole processes.